Two Hour Ice Breakers

This two hour ice carving team building challenge is a fantastic test of team work and skill. Available anywhere in the UK or Europe, this ice sculpting workshop is fun, fast-paced and totally unique.
Accommodating from 10 to 100 guests per session, guests are divided into small teams to ensure maximum particpation for all.


Each team will be given an ice template and the challenge of creating the perfect ice sculpture. A finished model is on display for the guests to use as a reference point, and the Icebox team provide close guidance to ensure everyone* achieves a good result!
Working against a tight timeline, guests have to learn to work together, listen to each other and be creative – it’s a truly uplifting and positive experience. Ice carving is something that can be done by anyone – all you need to do is bring along enthusiasm and excitement for learning something new.
(*Almost everyone – some sculptures just can’t be rescued!)

Teams are given a short course in fusion techniques, experiencing the challenges of handling ice and understanding its limitations.
Using small ice pieces of ice, teams will design the highest and most creative construction. Each team will be given the shapes on paper first to discuss the design. This allows them to agree on the best course of action before using the ice.
Once each team is happy with their design, it’s time to get your hands dirty (well, cold & wet!). The guests need to be prepared, it’s not like working with Lego – once the ice comes out the teams must work quickly!

Indoors or outdoors, this activity can be taken to company offices, hotels, conference centres, private rooms in bars or restaurants, anywhere in UK or Europe.
The Icebox are the ultimate professionals, ensuring that the teambuilding activity fits into your event programme for the day. We operate the creative and artistic instruction to the highest standards and are very experienced in making the event an exceptional and unique experience.

Is one hour ice carving too short but 3 hour ice carving too long?  Not a problem, we can tailor the workshop to suit you and your timings!  Just get in touch with our Sales Queens and they’ll put together a bespoke package for you!

So, are you up to the challenge?

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